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Universal joints, universal joint, u joints, u joint, uj croesses,u.j. crosses

B&D Auto parts Co.,Ltd
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welcome to B&D Auto parts Co.,Ltd( Manufacturer of Universal Joints, Auto universal Joints, Trucks Universal Joints, Cardan Joint, U-Joint, Cross Joint and U-Joint, U Joints )

B&D Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a professional Universal Joint Cross manufacturer, consists of development, design, producing and marketing a product which represnets, and is re-known for quality.Catering to a market, consisting of automotive, trucks, 4 wheel drive pleasure wehicles, to large-scale mining mobile fleets and construction equipments, universal joint cross products are operating within extreme parameters of environment and varying loads and speed. So, B&D Auto Parts Co., Ltd has completed comprehensive design and calculation data, in selecting appropriate steel quality, machined surface finish, heat treatment process, needle roller selection and seal configuration.

Combined with exhaustive factory testing, the final product represents a market-leading component, which is able to deliver high quality, high performance, and extended life cycles.
However, not to remain complacent, our company engineers are constantly reviewing processes and production criteria, in order to deliver optimun results.The range of product produced, is constantly being evaluated and extended to accommodate new market variations.

In all cases however, B & D Auto Parts co., Ltd continues to challenge existing standards, and set new benchmarks within the industry. We believe that the best choice for you is us.

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